How to Deal With Homesickness

No matter how much we love our lives in Milledgeville, everyone can miss home sometimes. Especially with cold weather and the holiday season approaching, it's easy to wish you could be with your family instead of studying for that big test coming up. Here are some ways to get through the hard times until your next trip home.

  • Hang out with friends. Homesickness is usually emphasized when you feel out of place, uncomfortable, or lonely. Hanging out with your college pals will remind you of some of the good things here that you don't have at home, like all the cool people!
  • Enjoy your alone time, too. You don't always have to be with someone to have fun! One of the great parts of college is having your own space to grow as a person. Every once in a while, treat yourself to ice cream and a night in with Netflix.


  • Balance home with your GCSU life. While you don't want to think about home all the time, it's healthy and normal to keep a few pieces of it with you. Make sure to have some pictures of the people you miss in your room, as well as some food, movies, or books that remind you of home. You can even make a memory box specifically for when you're feeling nostalgic. And be sure to call your mom once in a while!



  • Be positive. Look forward to those times when you do get to spend time with your family! And in the meantime, enjoy everything college has to offer. 



  • Have some fun on campus. Luckily for us, there's always something going on at GC. With so many events, our lively downtown scene, and countless student organizations, it's easy to get out of your mind a little and get involved in something outside of class that you're passionate about.



  • Take care of yourself. Break out that face mask and a perky color of nail polish, and treat yourself to a little pampering. A hot shower can work wonders after a long day of being stressed and missing home. And make sure you're getting plenty of sleep, too!