HC Finals Survival Kit 2014

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Finals week is upon us here at Georgia College. While the weather may not be reflecting the holiday season, our professors are very much aware of the time of year and are making our lives pretty horrible. However, thanks to HerCampus Nationals and our amazing sponsors, we have just what you need to help you survive till winter break!

What did we receive in our awesome finals survival kit? Check out the awesome brands below!

Chipotle BOGO cards and Chiptole Free Burrito Cards

            Delcious and free? Who doesn’t love burritos? Too bad there isn’t one in the Milledgeville area!

Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Samples

            Don’t let the sniffles get you down when you are trying to write that ten page research paper! These little guys will help you stay strong when you spend all nighter after all nighter in the library!

TRESemmé hairsprays and Keratin Smooth Sample Sets

            Just because your Chemistry final turned out to be completely rachet, doesn’t mean your hair has to be too! Thanks to TRESemmé’s awesome hair products like their anti-humidity spray and Keratin Smooth set, you can suffer through finals in style!

Kettle Brand Hey Neighbor Kits 

            These delicious chips and popcorn can keep your hunger satisfied when you need to study. They are delicious and pretty good for you!

 Luna Bar Chocolate Peppermint Stick

            Need to eat but don’t have time to take a break from Linguistics? Eating a delicious and nutritious Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bar will keep your brain focused and keep your stomach from growling!

CamelBak Pink Eddy Bottles

            Collegiates, remember to stay hydrated during this tough time! And what could be better than a cute pink CamelBak?

Bayer’s The Timeline Project Zines

            The Timeline Project Zines are a great way to help you stay organized and figure out your goals for your life. It is an online tool that’s all about capturing your goals, zooming them into focus, prioritizing and making them actually happen.

chain & charcoal

            Take a quick study break and Christmas shopping break to check out chain & charcoal, an adorable online jewelry boutique. Get something for your girlfriends and maybe even yourself!


            Another awesome jewelry retailer is baublebar! They have adorable jewelry at affordable, collegiate prices! Don't forget to use the BaubleBar Promo Code HERCAMPUS with your nearest and dearest so they get 25% off the perfect holiday statement piece! Psst....check out BaubleBar's Holiday Shop for the perfect holiday gift!

Fine Print: Valid until 12/31/2014 on jewelry only. Cannot be combined with other promotions

and offers. One code per customer.


            Need another reason to take a study break for some retail therapy? Check out the cute clothing boutique of Aritzia! While they have physical stores, they also have a great website where you can shop for some great items at even better prices! To experience Aritzia now, please visit www.aritzia.com.


            Every collegiate needs some cute and comfortable undies! Cosabella has cute designs that vary every season! Check them out!

Well, there you have it. All the things you need to make it through finals week! Again, another huge thank you and shout out to Her Campus Nationals and our sponsors! Check them out on social media below!








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Kettle Brand

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Luna Bar

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