Halloween Costume Ideas Suggested by Bob's Burgers

With Halloween two days away, by now you either have a costume, or you are part of the large group of people who don’t and need a last-minute look. The great animated series of Bob’s Burgers has been on for nine seasons, and the Halloween ideas that the kids come up with are absolutely amazing. Every year I always wondered why Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode came out the week before Halloween, but now I realize it is so people can dress like the characters unique ideas. Take a cue from the Belcher children and Linda.


Tina and the Real Ghost: 

Ryan Gosling from the major motion picture trailer Drive - Louise 

Turner and Hooch - Gene

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Full Bars: 

Edward Scissor hands - Louise 

Queen Latifah from her U.N.I.T.Y. phase - Gene

Mommy Mummy - Tina

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A Sand-Witch - Tina

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The Wolf of Wharf Street: 

Grapes - Gene

Cher-iff - Linda

Mom-bie a.k.a. Tina dressed as a Zombie Linda - Tina

Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men - Louise 

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Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street: 

Andre 3000 the Giant - Gene

Dragon with a Girl Tattoo - Louise 

Nun of Your Business - Tina 

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