A Graceful and Caring Cutie: Cami Gresham

Major: Psychology


Year: Senior


Hometown: Fayetteville, GA


What clubs/organizations are you in and what are your leadership positions in them?


I serve as Judicial Board Head for Sigma Alpha Omega’s exec board, and I am a leader in Campus Outreach. 


What inspires you most?  


At the moment I have fallen in love with Ann Voskamp’s writings.  Her words are so full of wisdom and saturated with so much grace.  Reading her blog always manages to stir my hearts affections for the Lord and push me closer to the cross.  She inspires me to dig deeper into the mystery of the Gospel and to never lose awe for God.    


What would you say is your fashions sense/style? 


 I’ve been trying to figure that out for a long time, but basically I like a little bit of everything.  I enjoy being able to wear a dress and cowboy boots and curl my hair one day and wearing skinny jeans, heels, and a sleek jacket and straightening my hair the next.  As long as it fits and flatters I’m good to go.   


What advice would you give to anyone on how to enjoy their college experience?


Classes only get harder, so don’t tank your GPA in the first semester.  Try to use freshman year to cushion your GPA, so that you won’t be doomed when senioritis sets in. 

Enjoy your singleness!!! It is a gift.  You will never again be this free to do what you want or go where you want without considering someone else’s opinion.


Do you have any hobbies?


Yes, I love to spend hours playing my ukulele or guitar coming up with new songs and singing at the top of my lungs.  


Favorite travel destination and why?


I have always wanted to visit New Zealand because it would be awesome to spend one day in snowy mountains and the next surfing at the beach.


What has been your most enlightening experience in college? What will you take away from your experience?


My first Fall Retreat with Campus Outreach my freshman year was my most eye opening experience in college.  It was there that I learned what it meant to follow Christ and that he wanted all of my life not just parts of it.  In the weeks following I surrendered my entire life to the Lord and began the first day of forever with my Savior.  Since then I have experienced what it means to live an abundant life in Christ.  I have been poured into by amazing, godly women, I have seen God answer my prayers in crazy big ways, I have had the opportunity to pour into the next generation, I have experienced the joy that comes from pouring your life out like a drink offering for the sake of the Gospel, I have developed stronger vision for my life and the world, and I have seen God’s goodness and provision like never before.  What I’m taking away from this is a deep gratitude for the women before me that loved me enough to pray for me and get uncomfortable for me and share not only the Gospel but their lives with me as well.  I am taking away a desire to be that for other women, to reach the next generation.  And, most importantly, I am taking away an ever deepening love for the Lord and an undying passion to make His name known among the nations.