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A Giving Soul – Campus Celeb Madeline Borst

I heard of the Georgia War Home when I went exploring the oh so famous Central State campus one afternoon. My friend stated that she wanted to make a difference. That the men and women who live in this one building can't be visited by their families sometimes.


They needed money. And she made a plan to fix it.  


Meet Madeline (Maddie) Borst.




A junior Psych major with a love of otters, barbs, and anything else "Basic". Don't let that fool you though. Her heart huge and I wanted to sit down and ask her a few quesitons about her new plan to create a GCSU organization to help raise money and awareness.


E: Who are you whats your major?

Maddie: Madeline Borst, 21 Kappa Delta from Athens, GA, Junior Psych major with a clinical focus


E: What organization do you work with?

I work with the Georgia War Veterans Home here in Milledgeville, GA. I do anything from clerical work to mental assessments under their head of Social Work, Laura Pilafas. I have been volunteering my time there for two years and will hopefully complete my senior capstone and have a full time unpaid internship there this summer. 


E:Why do you enjoy working there?

M: I really enjoy work at the GWVH because I know that my assistance and work makes a huge difference. I can come in and file patient charts one day and that seems like such a small task but helps out almost 200 people. I get to talk to people and make friends and the patients love having people around to talk to. The staff has so much knowledge to share and I gain so much psychological insight every second I spend at the VA. I have seen many different mental disorders at work and gained a better understanding of diseases such as Alzheimers or Dimensia. Even more so I have learned that the many stereotypes about disorders such as PTSD or even veterans in general are mainly false. Being in this environment a few days a week and volunteering my time only solidifies my career choice and strengthen my love for helping people.


E: Do you want to get involved with them again? 

M: Absolutely. I will continue volunteering as much as I can for the remainder of my college career. I will also hopefully complete my senior internship there as well this summer. Further, I wish to start an organization here on campus to benefit the GWVH. Half of this supposed organization will focus on fundraising for a care unit where relatives can stay for a small fee of $10 on campus to visit their loved ones. Because the GWVH is a VA association and not an ordinary nursing home, they take people from all over the state with a military background and families do not always live close to Milledgeville. The other half of the orginzation would be for volunteers. The GWVH needs a lot of help and volunteers make an immense difference. There is so much a handful of Bobcats could do to make a huge impact on a local home that is reserved for those who risked their lives for our safety. I hope to be the bridge that gets students to the GWVH.



E:Why are you so passionate about helping these people?

M: I have a huge heart for Veterans and the elderly; I have since high school. Even more so I get a lot of psychological experience that benefits my life and my major. Those with mental illness and Alzheimers or Dimensia are people to and deserve our time and care. I enjoy getting to be somewhere where I know I am making a difference, not matter how small. Every little thing helps. I feel so welcomed by the staff and truly enjoy the residents and getting to work with them.



E: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

M: In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends and my sorority. I enjoy singing and working with Greek Sing. I am an expert Netflix binger and I love to read as well. I spend time volunteering as well. 


Maddie's organization group can be found on Facebook under this URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1523154591310007/

Or feel free to email her at madeline.borst@bobcats.gcsu.edu to get invovled and help at a fundraising event! 

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

- Albert Einstein



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