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Five Fun Spring and Summer Trends to Try Now

Now that it seems to have warmed up for good, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! But oh no,  your wardrobe hasn’t gotten the message! Luckily for you, I’ve gathered some of the season’s biggest trends all in one place. Yeah, you’re welcome.


1. High-waisted shorts

Channel your inner T-Swift and rock this retro look! These shorts bring attention to your smallest part, your natural waist, so they’re a great way to avoid that pesky muffin top that low rise bottoms can cause. Go for a denim pair that will match everything, or choose a bold color to make you stand out from the crowd. You could even take it a step further with a high-waisted bathing suit!


2. Rompers

Who doesn’t love the simplicity of throwing on one item and having a complete outfit? Rompers have the classic ease of a sundress with a fun twist. For a sweet look, pair with a cardigan and ballet flats, or for an edgier twist wear it with a leather jacket, a red lip, and wedges. You could go with a classic black style or mix it up a little with a denim or floral print. Either way, a romper is a laid back, easy look that is still on trend.


3. Maxi dresses

A springy, fun dress that doesn’t require me shaving my legs? Um, sign me up please! For a day when sleep is more important than smooth legs, maxi dresses can come to your rescue. Pair it with a second day hair sock bun, natural makeup (think tinted moisturizer, highlighter, and a couple swipes of mascara), and simple sandals, and no one will even know how many times you hit that snooze button!


4. One piece bathing suits

These four words may bring to mind unflattering camp memories, but designers are making these suits much more fashionable than in the past. From full coverage looks to sexy cutouts to bold colors, this versatile look is a must-have for the 2014 spring-summer season.


5. Crochet

Consider this part of the larger trend of 1970s callbacks! You can find just about anything crocheted right now, from tops and bags, to bathing suit cover-ups and accented denim shorts. Maybe if you’re lucky, your mom will even have some of her crocheted stuff saved from back in the day! Free vintage gear always fits perfectly in the collegiette budget, am I right?

Tess is a senior English major at Georgia College, with a concentration in literature and a minor in French. She loves Bruce Springsteen, watching TV, matching pajama sets, baking, cuddling with her dog, and oxford commas. Her life goal is to marry Ben Wyatt and have the hair of a Victoria's Secret model. You can follow her on Twitter at @likeomgtess.
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