Five Best Study Spots for Finals Week: GCSU

Summer is right around the corner, yet we are still not free to enjoy our time off in the sand and surf. We have finals week--the time where professors throw cumulative exams, fifteen page research papers, and presentations all together in the shortest time possible.

So, where are the best places to finish all your work and manage to possibly enjoy your last few weeks of school? Here are the top five best study spots at GCSU!

1.     Front Campus

It’s finally beautiful weather and so we can actually go outside and enjoy it! Getting a blanket and hitting the books outside in front of Terrell Hall and Atkinson can actually be a great experience. Even while you are suffering through Organic Chem.

2.     Blackbird Coffee Shop

Nothing gets you pumped to beast out a ten-page paper like a delicious coffee and cookie. The atmosphere actually aids in better studying and can help you relax while at the same time being extremely focused on what you need to work on.

3.     The Books & Brew in the Library

If you find yourself needing a quick place to go study in between classes, the Books & Brew in the library is the place to go. It’s a great place to write a paper or study for a test in while also getting that daily dose of caffeine. Plus, they sell Starbucks coffee. Yum!

4.     Front porch of Terrell

This is the absolute best place, in my opinion, of where to go to study. Actually, the front porch of any of the building on Front Campus is perfect – Terrell, Bell, Atkinson, Parks. They all either have swings or rocking chairs. Incase you don’t want to sunburn, these spots provide optimal shade while also enjoying the outdoors.

5.     Einstein’s

Who doesn’t love bagels? If you are in need of a snack and need a good place to dive into the books, Einstein’s is the place to be. It’s usually always quiet and perfect for a little pick me up before you do all those French translations. Chocolate chip bagels are the best!