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Emily King Campus Cutie Offers Freshman Advice

Emily King is a freshman member of Kappa Delta at Georgia College. Her goal is to be a special education teacher and influence lives of children. When asked about her experience as a freshman she offered up some great advice..

  • Q) How is it being a freshman?

    A) I don't mind being a freshman, it's not like high school where people are only friends with their own grade and are scared of the upperclassmen.


    Q) Any advice for other freshman or upcoming freshman?

    A) My advice to other freshman would be to take a deep breathe because it will all turn out alright. There is a plan for everyone and everything happens for s reason. Sure college is about getting an education but it is important to get involved and have fun!!


    Q) Are you glad you rushed?

    A) SO glad I rushed. Best choice I made, it allowed me to meet some amazing people and it's my favorite part about Gcsu


    Q) You balance a long distance relationship. How are you making it work?

    A) A LDR relationship is a hard thing, but if you love the person enough it will work. Trust is key, so is communication. If you don't have those things it will fall apart! Face timing saves us!


    Q) How do you feel finishing your first semester at college?

    A) I feel weird and old saying that I finished my first semester. At the beginning when I was super unhappy I thought it would be forever before it ended but now it's finals week and I'm in shock! I might not be able to come back here next semester so it's more sad thinking about it being my last week.


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