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DIY Dorm: How to Make A Key Holder in 5 Easy Steps

DIY DORM: How to Make A Key Holder in 5 Easy Steps


Nothing is worse than forgetting your keys right as you walk out the door to go somewhere and hearing your door shut behind you. Now you can’t get back in without asking your suitemates to let you in (but they might not be in there!) and you don’t have your Bobcat card. And everyone knows you have to use your Bobcat card for literally everything, even the vending machines. You need a good place to put your keys, somewhere right by the door so you will never have to feel the panic of forgetting them ever again. You, fellow Her Campus reader, need to make a key holder frame. Just get these few things to make your key holder and follow these super simple steps:



-Wooden frame 

-Metal screw-in hooks (one for every set of keys you want to hang)

-Heavy-duty Command strips 


-Decorative paper

-Paint & paint brush

**All supplies can be found at the Hobby Lobby on the right side of 441**


Step 1: Remove glass from the frame

Step 2: Cut the decorative paper to fit the inside wall of the frame & glue it in place

Step 3: Screw the metal hooks under the top part of the frame (use that arm strength!)

Step 4: Paint your frame to make it all pretty and whatnot & let it dry. 

Step 5: Put the command strips on the back and stick it right on the wall next to your door, so you never forget or lose your keys again!

And there you have it, how to make a key holder in 5 easy steps. Remember to take a picture and upload it to twitter or instagram with the #HerCampusGCSUdiy tag so we can see your beautiful creations!


Emily W. Hinely is a freshman Mass Communications and French double major. She aspires to be a beauty director for a well-respected magazine one day. She loves all things beauty & style. And cats..don't forget cats.
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