Dealing with Relatioships

Relationships are a bond that most people fall into at some point in their lives. Whether you have your first on while in middle school, or you have yet to experience one, relationships are one complicated idea that humanity has to grasp. Not as complicated as other problems in the world, but one of those that fall on a more personal level. The problem with relationships is that it takes two people, at least, to make one. There are some cases where you may not feel drawn to people at all, and you wouldn't have to worry about being in a relationship. At least for this article's sake, a romantic relationship, is one that gives some people the most trouble. There are multiple factors that could either hurt or enhance a relationship. Factors such as trust, communication, undivided attention, compassion, and respect. There are countless others, but for now those are our main ones. Any one of these could fall out of line and cause a relationship to fall apart. These are some of the foundations of keeping and staying in a relationship, but they are also factors that are involved in creating a relationship. Which creating a relationship takes hard work, and it's hard to know when or when not the person you are actively pursuing has the same level of interest in you. Here are some key questions to have in mind when your dealing with a relationship and how to know if it's going anywhere. 

Do they seem to have a genuine interest? 

If they do that's great, but make sure that interest doesn't just fall into one category. IF they are interested they would be interested in the whole individual that is you. 

Do they refer to you as their friend? 

If you both are friends before that's fine, you have earned the friend title. However, if you two involved romantically and it looks like it could be heading somewhere more than just being friends, yet they still refer to you as a friend in public, you might need to rethink your position with them.

Do they ever use the word "relationship"? 

The word relationship can be scary for some people, but if you are with someone that see's a future with you, they might start to use the word relationship a bit more. However, if they start dodging the word and using replacement words instead of "relationship", they might not see themselves being with you or are just not ready yet. 

All in all, relationships are a tricky and sticky spot to be in. But if you find the right person they can be wonderful. I hope what was said above helps someone!