Campus Fashion Watch Springfest Edition


The smiles people get when you tell them they have cute shoes, jacket, or pants are some of the best looks. What is even better is when you ask them if you can take a picture of their cute outfit, because secretly everyone wishes they were a model.


Virginia Rumph // Music Therapy

Who wishes they could make their club tshirts look this cute? Sporting a Music Therapy Society t-shirt, guitar slung across her back and super cute boots to throw together this laid back musical look. Best looking club tshirt I saw at Spring Fest. 


Amber Wolf // Thinking about Psychology 

Check out this Campus Cutie? She is thinking about coming to Georgia College next year with hopes of studying Psychology. Such cute style as well as smile. "Texts, Hugs, and Rock and Roll?" Yes, yes and yes! Hope we see you next year Amber with your comfy cute style.


Alexis Latiner // Early Childhoood

Spotted! The coolest pants ever! Through the crowed you could see these gorgeous pants and girl cause double takes. What a cute combo for Spring Fest. Her fringe purse and tassel necklace also give the outfit a cute hippy vibe. 


Katelyn Bass // Theater and Criminal Justice

That's right Katelyn shares a name with Gossip Girl's bad boy, Chuck Bass. However her outfit is oh so Jenny Humphrey. You may see Katelyn walking around next year showing off more cute outfits, but today at Spring Fest she rocked this all back ensemble. Topped off with the cutest hat! 


Search your closets for your cutest campus fashion and maybe I'll spot you next!