Campus Celebrity: Sarah Beth Gilbert

Balancing school, work, friends and passions can definitely be overwhelming. There’s one Bobcat, however, who manages to do it all with composure and style, all the while inspiring everyone around her to embrace their individuality: Sarah Beth Gilbert.


An English major and a Spanish minor, Sarah Beth is in her last semester at GC. She’s worked for The Peacock’s Feet – GC’s literary journal – for two years, serving as a poetry editor last year and currently as staff manager.


She has had a lifelong love of reading, citing classics like The Great Gatsby and Les Miserables as her inspirations for pursuing her major so passionately.


Whenever Sarah Beth isn’t reading, she’s busy working for the Guild Quality. When she’s not working, she’s running around trying to catch meetings. When she’s not running around trying to catch meetings, she’s busy working on her final thesis: an analysis of gender and equality in one of her favorite television shows, Dr. Who.


And if you’re wondering just how she’s able to do so much in any given day, she credits coffee as her fuel for success.


Sarah Beth is also known around campus for her welcoming personality, her passion for music,  her unique style and her eccentric hair colors.


“I am a huge believer in wearing things and doing things that make you happy and feel beautiful,” said Sarah Beth, “Even if those things don’t align with society’s standards of beauty.”


She’s rocked hair colors such as platinum blonde, teal and purple.


“I can only describe it as wearing your favorite dress over and over everyday,” she said when asked about her hair colors, “It’s like that one piece of clothing that makes you feel amazing, that you love and makes you happy. That’s how I’ve felt with my colored hair: empowered and happy.”


Whether it’s due to her personality, her hard work or her eccentricity, Sarah Beth will undoubtedly leave a mark on this campus.


She has applied for some graduate school programs, hoping to pursue a Master’s in Literature before entering the job market to become some type of editor in either Seattle, New York or Atlanta.


“I will miss this beautiful and small campus and being able to walk everywhere,” said Sarah Beth when asked what she’ll miss most about GC after graduation, “I will miss my professors and the relationships we’ve created and the fact that never again will all of my friends be in the same place doing the same thing.”