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Campus Celebrity: Kenzi Podell


Among the many degrees you can obtain at Georgia College, Music Therapy is offered. Kenzi Podell, Leader of Jungle Royals (a music therapy group designed for adults with mental disabilities and helps them obtain their goals and enjoy music in a rock band setting) is enjoying her time as a leader on campus. 


Emily Ward: What is your favorite part of Jungle Royals?

Kenzi Podell: As a sophomore, it is such a honor to be a part of a group bigger than myself. I really like the concerts they perform because you just get to watch their faces light up and see how much they truly enjoy being with the students. 


E: Why did you choose to go into Music Therapy?

K: A personal experience in 5th grade where music therapy touched my heart and I would love nothing more than to give back through music therapy. 


E: Are you going to continue to be a part of Jungle Royals throughout your time at GC?

K: I plan to be. I have been a part of it since my first semester freshman year. Now, I get to be a leader which isn’t normal for a undergrad to be able to do and I just love it so much. 


E: Are you going to start any other music groups?

K: I actually did not start this, I went to the early learning center and got involved personally. If I had the chance I would in a heartbeat. 


Kenzi is a sophomore who enjoys cats, coffee, and the Lion King. Be sure to look out for her Rock genre group Jungle Royals as they take the stage for upcoming concerts!

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