Call Your Mom

“I mean, it’s nice to catch up with her, but I don’t do it that often because I’m busy and she’s busy.”


“When I talk to my mom it normally starts with a text that says: CALL ME ASAP. I always think someone died or something but she usually just wants to talk about how I’m doing and by the end of the call I’m usually pretty chipper… usually.”


“It’s my favorite because she listens to all my problems. Her voicemails on the other hand are the worst because she acts like she has some sort of terrible news to tell me.”


 “My mom is always telling me about something she read, like this food causes cancer and this fruit or vegetable prevents it. And every time I’m like, “Mom, I’m well aware that blueberries are good for me. Science has known about antioxidants for quite a while now.”


 “It’s nice but she has this habit of telling me the most recent horror news story she’s read and then strongly advising me not to do whatever dumb thing the kid in the article did.”


“Every time I call my mom, which is every day, I end up crying and bitching about something. But, she usually just starts crying and bitching with me and that makes me feel better.”


^college students on talking on the phone with their moms^


We’re in college and talking on the phone with your mom is important, even if it does cause mixed emotions. They’re not trying to make you feel bad about anything, they just want to help you. You have to remind yourself that it wasn’t just your life that changed when you left for school, their life is different too.  

Mother is a noun, but it’s also a verb, and I think the verb, to mother, is the best way to describe this otherwise indescribable person.

Mother (v): to bring up (a child) with care and affection; looking after kindly and protectively, sometimes excessively

Even if you don’t like talking on the phone with your mom, it probably means a lot to her and you should take some time out of your busy schedule, at least once a week, and call your mother. Let her know that she’s appreciated.