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CA Cutie: Nora Anderson

Full Name: Nora Marie Anderson

Hometown: Dublin, GA

Year: Senior

Age: 21

Major: Business Management

Minor: Marketing

Clubs/Organizations: Community Advisor for Adams Hall, Executive Member for NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), Director of Housing Affairs for SGA, Founder of Cupid’s Club, Member of GIVE Team

What’s it really like being a CA?It’s very time consuming, tbh. But it’s really fun to learn a bunch of new people and I really like doing programs! It gives me an excuse to go on Pinterest for work!

What’s your favorite program you’ve hosted?My first year, the CAs in Adams started an Annual Harry Potter Program where residents participated in classic Harry Potter games. From wand making to IRL Quidditch to Hogwarts Study Tips! My favorite part is dressing up like Mad-Eye Moody ;)

What is your most successful Pinterest craft?I made some marbled clay ring dishes (worked it into a diversity program!) and a floral decorative N for my room!

Favorite color/pattern combination?I love mixing pastels with gold accents! Also pairing darker florals with lighter colored cardigans!

What’s the hardest part about being a female business major?I pretty much always have to step up and be the leader in projects and trying to make things more personalized because everything in the business world is so serious and masculine-oriented.

Favorite GCSU memory?I went to Sister Anina’s to get my fortune told and she told me I’d have a long life and that my mom and I had a bad relationship (??) and that I needed to work on my communication skills so yeah, kinda weird?

What are your plans for future adult post-grad life?I’m going to France and Spain before moving to Massachusetts for my Masters of Education in Student Affairs at UMASS-Lowell! I’ll be working as a graduate assistant in housing!

What’s your spirit animal?I’m 100% certain that it’s a dolphin because they’re majestic sea mammals that could take over the world if they wanted to. 

Cat enthusiast, iced coffee addict, and strong believer in the Oxford comma.
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