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This year’s GC Homecoming theme is Retro Reboot. In accordance with the theme the headliners are T-Pain and B.o.B. With homecoming rapidly approaching here are a list of T-Pain and B.o.B’s best songs ranked and scored. 

T-Pain’s Top 10

10.  Best Love Song

This song is a great song by T-Pain. The only reason it isn’t higher up on the list is because Chris Brown is on it and he sucks as a human being. This song has the amazing chorus of “It’s gotta be the crunkest / It’s gotta be the loudest / It’s gotta be the best, the best love song she’s ever heard in her life.” Truly iconic.

Score: 6/10

9. Textin’ My Ex

This is the most relatable song ever in the history of the music. It’s about sending that “wyd” text at 2 a.m. to your ex when you’re drunk. Whether you’re the one on the receiving side of the text or the one who is sending it, everyone knows exactly what he’s talking about. He mentions being the one she’s tweeting about. Literally T-Pain is @ing all of us. The thing that takes away from this song is Tiffany Evans’ part. She was singing over him and her part was super unnecessary in this modern-day sonnet. If they had left her part out, that would have been totally fine.

Score: 7/10

8. 5 O’clock

This song features both Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa so this is already great. This song is super underrated because it isn’t even top 10 on T-Pains Spotify profile. The chorus is super catchy and is super easy to memorize. Plus Wiz’s part is one of his best features on a song. The only thing setting it back is that the song goes on for one too many verses.

Score: 7/10

7. I’m N Luv

This song is the epitome of rap in the early 2000’s. This is a song you don’t remember ever listening to, yet you know all the words. This isn’t the most upbeat song, making it kind of boring to listen to after a while, which is why it ranks at 7.

Score: 7/10

6. Dan Bilzerian

This is one of his newer songs and has a super cool sound to it. I, personally get super turnt when I listen to and feel like this would be super fun to hear at his concert. Because of how new it is, I’m not sure if it’ll be one you listen to in ten years like a lot of his other songs, which is why it isn’t as high up on the list.

Score: 8/10

5. Bartender

Another iconic song by T-Pain. It features Akon who is an early 2000’s R&B legend. This song has a super smooth beat to it and is a song everyone knows. It was even nominated for a Grammy.

Score: 8/10

4. Booty Wurk

I totally remember listening to this song in my friend’s basement at sleepovers and attempting to twerk to it at 1 a.m. This is an anthem and should be played every time you go out. The only reason it isn’t ranked higher is because a majority of the song is just him saying Booty Wurk, which gets a little repetitive after a while. 

Score: 9/10

3. Cyclone

Cyclone is a song of T-Pain’s that is played every time you go to a bar, club, party, etc. It is iconic and no matter where you are you dance to it. Although it is Baby Bash’s song, I feel like T-Pain is more known for it, which is why I’m putting it on this list. The only thing wrong with it is Baby Bash’s voice is boring. T-Pain saved this song and made it an anthem. 

Score: 9/10

2. Blame It

Technically this is Jamie Foxx’s song, however, it is too good not to put as number two on the list. It has been featured in countless movies and TV shows. It is quoted all the time to the point where people don’t even know where it’s from. This song is iconic and doesn’t get enough respect. The only reason it isn’t higher up on the list is because it isn’t played as much as number one.

Score: 10/10

1. Buy U a Drank

The most iconic bar song possibly ever. It doesn’t matter where you are, if this song comes on you are guaranteed to drop everything you’re doing and go hard to it. This is also a song where you know exactly what song it is within the first second. It is a club anthem. Buy U a Drank, is T-Pains best song and is a piece of fine art.

Score: 10/10

Honorable Mentions: 2 Step, Low (feat T-Pain), F.B.G.M., and Up Down.

B.o.B.’s Top 10

10. Atlanta, GA.

I hadn’t heard of this song until I was listening to all of his songs to make this list, but it actually is really good. The intro to it is really bad and it goes on for so long. It also has a ton of annoying rapper names and the song itself has a ton of stupid added noises, but if you ignore that it’s actually a pretty solid song. The chorus is pretty lit and his lyrics are really good.

Score: 5/10

9. Both of Us

This song features Taylor Swift and is a total jam. The song has a solo guitar part which doesn’t happen in any other B.o.B. song, probably because this is the only song with Taylor Swift featured. The song has two distinct sounds to it; it has one for when Taylor Swift is singing and one for when B.o.B. is rapping. It manages to fuse the two together to give the song a really unique sound, which is why it’s featured on this list.

Score: 6/10

8. Magic

This song has the catchiest beat of all the songs on this list and is a real mood upper. It is basically impossible to listen to this song and still feel sad afterward. It features River Cuomo, the lead singer to Weezer, making it probably the most diverse of the pairings for B.o.B. The only reason it isn’t higher up on the list is because the songs been lost to time. It hasn’t really been played since it’s lost its original popularity.

Score: 7/10

7. Nothin’ On You

Probably his most well-known song, Nothin’ On You peaked on the Billboard charts at number 1 and stayed on the carts for a total of 28 weeks. It features Bruno Mars and is a song that had girls everywhere swooning and wanting their man to sing them this. Overall, it’s a really good song, but this isn’t a song you can play at a pregame. The song is a little too soft for a homecoming bash which is why it isn’t ranked higher.

Score: 7/10

6. So Good         

The lyrics to this song are so catchy it is impossible not to like it. Plus B.o.B. describes the girl in the song by her intellect which is unheard of in rap songs. It has a great beat to it and has a pretty positive message to it. The only bad part of the song is it’s a little repetitive.

Score: 8/10

5. Strange Clouds

This song probably has the best intro of all of his songs, which is why it ranks so high. It also features Lil Wayne, whose verse is amazing in it. The song has a really unique sound to it which makes it stand apart from other B.o.B. songs. The only bad part of this song is every frat boys Instagram caption was “all we do is pour it up all night, drinks out” the summer it was released.

Score: 8/10

4. Airplanes

Everyone knows this song and remembers belting it out in middle school. Though the song is iconic and everyone who has ever listened to the radio knows all of the words to it, it isn’t a song you can play at a party without significantly dropping the mood because for some reason it puts you in your feels.

Score: 8/10

3. I’ll Be in the Sky

This is a lesser known song of his and is super underrated. It came out in 2010 on his debut studio album, B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. The song is centered around a piano riff which was ahead of its time. The only problem with this song is that it goes on for a bit too long, making you want to skip the end of it.

Score: 9/10

2. Still In This Bitch

First off, the song features Juicy J. and T.I. so it is already off to a fantastic start. The beat to the song is perfect for every pregame ever and gets you hype for literally anything. You could listen to this before jury duty and be hype for it afterwards.

Score: 10/10

1. Headband

This song may define our generation. It is a song that you don’t remember ever listening to the first time, yet you know every single word to it. It is a song that is played at every single party, pregame, club, bar, etc. and it is a song you have to go hard to.

Score: 10/10

Honorable Mentions: Roll Up, 4 Lit, and E.T. 

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