The Best Outfits of Georgia College Campus

Christy Helms: Creative Writing

Christy's outfits are always so cute. This dress was so hard to not fall in love with. The sutle tie dye is the perfect pop to this maple brown dress. She also found the perfect shade of burgundy in her sweater to keep her warm in those cold classrooms. 

Lydia Blair: Pre Middle School

It was easy to spot Lydia in her gorgous green skirt on main campus as the flowers bloomed for spring. She fit right in amongst the greenery. Shoeless and all playing around on main campus. A green high waisted midi skirt and floral top made the perfect frolicking outfit.


Sadly missed this well dressed Sounds of the South goer's name, however she looked wonderful in high waisted bell bottom blue jeans, a black crop top, and a knit sweater. She could enjoy the bands at every venue without worrying about a fashion malfunction if her drinks got the best of her. Hope she enjoyed the concerts!

Lauren Smith: Business Management

Love this version of layering for the windy day. The sweater keeps her warm, but the airy dress keeps her cool enough for the random hot springs Georgia can entail. Shes ready for anything!