To Autumn, or Not to Autumn

It’s finally happening. The end is near and it’s sad to see her go. The great blue days of Summer are at her end and Fall is gearing up to take her place. Now I know the heat hasn’t been fun and the winds that Autumn bring is something we’ve all longed for. Even though Autumn is my favorite season of the year, I’m sad to see Summer go. Summer time, no matter how hot, will always be a fun time. Some people travel, some have grand family and friend bar-ba-ques and others just chill in the house with the AC on. I’m the type of person that does all three of these and I know that some of you are more excited for Autumn than others. But, no matter who or where you are, here’s a 3 simple tips on how to Autumn.

1. Layer up ladies!

Now I’m not calling anyone an onion, or an ogre, but like our favorite smelly vegetable we have to layer up! As Summer dies and Fall begins the temperature is going to drop, I can’t tell you how fast or how slow, but it will drop; and when it does you’ll be ready.

When you layer your clothing, you don’t need to go overboard and wear two whole outfits underneath your top layer, unless you live further Wisconsin of course! Maybe start small with thicker socks that cover your ankles or just a tank top underneath that t-shirt that you just can’t get rid of. As the temperature drops down to the 60’s maybe break out that fleece sweater you got on sale and have been dying to wear.

The colder it gets consider putting on more clothes underneath what you want people to see. That pair of compression active pants that you’ve been rockin’ in the gym? Rock those underneath that “Ol’ Faithful” pair of jeans, the compression helps to keep your muscles warm and cozy. With Autumn right around the corner so does the sniffles. Do your best to avoid V-neck shirts and other shirts that expose your sternum and neck. If you can’t avoid them, always remember that neck scarves are your friend.

2. Wash those supple hands!

We can all appreciate what Autumn brings right? The colorful leaves, the heaps of food of Thanksgiving, gorgeous fashion trends. And who can ever forget the steaming mugs of tea or cocoa early in the morning? However there is one thing that Fall bring that we all would rather avoid at all costs, the common cold.

We first need to understand that a cold can be caused by over 200 types of viruses, but the most common type is called a rhinovirus. Some symptoms to look for are: Scratchy or sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, and mucus draining from your nose into your throat. Now I don’t tell you all this to prattle on but I want each and every one of you to be aware and to stay healthy. Now how can we stay during this dangerous time of the year?

Wash your hands of course!

Germs are everywhere, literally everywhere. They’re on the door you just opened, on the wall you leaned on waiting for your next class, and they are absolutely on the desks you sit in. We wipe our eyes or touch our nose and mouths, sometimes without thinking, and all those germs we’ve collected get into our bodies by these simple touches. So it’s important to remember to always wash your hands, it could mean the difference between being a mouth breather and sleeping peacefully.

Also remember to try and avoid those who have already caught the cold. Now, that doesn’t mean to walk around your friends like they’ve been quarantined. It also doesn’t mean that you need to quarantine yourself. What I’m trying to say is, don’t eat or drink after people who have the cold and don’t let people eat or drink after you. Even family and friends, a virus like this can be spread easily and it can take a while to be rid of it. So make sure that you cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and to wash your hands immediately after.

When you wash your hands make sure the water is clean first and foremost, and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be warm or cold, just clean. Lather with soap for 20 – 30 seconds, this means belting out the birthday song twice as you clean under your nails, between your fingers, and the backs of your hands. It might seem elementary, but some people can forget how important it is to have clean hands. Even college girls like you and me.

3. No hobbit holes allowed!

Laugh if you want but this Autumn lets be spontaneous! Let’s do something this Fall that most of us are guilty of, including myself. Let’s not be hobbits this year.

So many people have the mentality, “Oh, it’s Autumn again, time for me to stop socializing with anyone but my family!” I’m guilty of this myself but this year I want to challenge you all to not go down the hobbit hole. This year I want us all to stay connected with our friends and try not to stress ourselves too much with the thought of exams a month and a half away.

Yes, Thanksgiving is about friends and family, but for some of us, holidays aren’t good times of the year. Last year I was ignorant in thinking that everyone loves holidays because everyone has their family and friends to celebrate it with without animosity or any kind of negative emotion.

That was naïve of me.

I know now that not everyone enjoys the holidays because of their own experiences and their own past. So I encourage all of you, please, instead of curling up all in your dorm room or apartments, studying by yourself or closing yourself in preparation for our big break remember the others. I want us all to think about those who don’t want to go home, and those who can’t go home. Invite them over to study with you, take a night off with them and have a Friendsgiving of your own. Share your love of Autumn and the holidays with people who normally wouldn’t experience it.

This wraps up my tips for y’all, and now you get to decide. To Autumn, or not to Autumn?