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Ansley Dillon: It’s All About the Two T’s: Teaching and Traveling

Meet this week's campus cutie: Ansley Dillon

Ansley is a senior, early childhood education major from Snellville, GA (Brookwood where you at?!) 

On campus, Ansley is involved in Kappa Delta, CURE GC, Wesley and has studied abroad. In May of 2014, Ansley went on a 2-week study abroad trip to London through the education department. This trip is known as the "London Daughters", as the group is typically all women and led by Dr. Craig Smith. When asked what her favorite memories she has made through these organizations, she said she loved "studying abroad in London and seeing Wicked on Broadway and teaching in a school with kids who have autism. It was an amazing experience".

What Ansley has enjoyed most about GC are the friendships she has made and being a member of KD. In addition to having great friends and participating  in organizations she is passionate about, Ansley also loves the town of Milledgeville. Her favorite things to do in Milly are: going to the greenway, enoing and riding down 441, listening to T-Swizzle. She saw Taylor Swift recently in concert in Atlanta with floor level tickets. Oh yes, I bet all of your jaws just dropped liked mine. I bet that was an incredible experience!


As Ansley's time is winding down here at GC, she hopes to work at Disney and be a teacher in Gwinnett County after graduation. 

One unique thing about Ansley is that she has quite a love affair with guacomole. She can eat it "all day every day". There is not a guacomole that Ansley does not like and she often makes it during the week to get through student teaching, homework, and life as a busy college student. Not only does Ansley's love run deep for guacomole but she also loves anything and everything Disney. From Disneyworld to Disney movies, Ansley believes in the magic of Disney and its positive effect on people. 

I asked Ansley if she had any advice for underclassman and she said "Be Yourself. Love who Jesus made you to be and find the people who love you for you and ecourage you." 


Three things: coffee, old music and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I am a city girl with dreams of working within the advertising and marketing fields. When not working on homework or studying, I love to play intramurals, watch netflix and hangout with friends.  "Do your own thing on your own terms and get what you came here for" - Oliver James       
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