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9 Reasons Why Finals Week is Bittersweet for Every Bobcat

1. Bitter: You have so many tests, projects and papers to finish in such a short amount of time that you don’t even know what life outside of schoolwork is anymore.

2. Sweet: You now have another excuse to stop by Sweet Treats downtown. We all have to take a study break at some point and what better way to cure your finals week sadness than with delicious ice cream and cupcakes?

3. Bitter: You are constantly trying to find an open study room to cram for finals while every other GC student decides to finally come to the library for the first time all semester.

4. Sweet: Group projects mean claiming study rooms and getting to spend more time working with that cute boy in your English class.

5. Bitter: It is the end of the semester which means you are poor and out of any time to make an appetizing meal so you resort to begging freshman to swipe you in at The Max.

6. Sweet: Once again, ice cream (even at The Max) is better than no ice cream during this stressful week. Especially when it’s free!

7. Bitter: There are those professors who assign a 17 chapter cumulative exam…

8. Sweet: Then there are those kind souls that actually care about their students’ well being by not making the final cumulative and also throwing in a lifesaving study guide.

9. Bittersweet: Once finals week is over and you are happy enough with the grades you earned, you can’t help but feel a little down. Whether you are graduating and headed into the real world or just going back home for the summer, you know just how much you are going to miss Milly and the friendships you’ve made while you are gone. Need more ice cream?

Congrats to all of our Grads and until next fall fellow bobcats! 

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