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7 Problems Those With Big Hearts Understand

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCSU chapter.

At some point in your life you may have noticed you process things a bit differently. You tend to make connections with people quickly and fully, while others are more reserved. During these observations you may have noticed these common problems. If you have noticed these you are most likely a big hearted individual who is lost in a self-serving world.

1. Caring too much too quickly

Whether it was the girl in hallway you just met or the guy you bumped into at the coffee shop with last week. Odds are you probably read way more into that interaction than they did. They probably aren’t going to reach out to you because sadly your emotions are a bit more intense than the average joe.

2. Wanting to love and hug everyone in your life, but knowing most people have personal space and boundaries.

 Cuddles make the world go ’round people. When you’re happy you want cuddles, when you’re sad you want cuddles. For reasons beyond your comprehension they aren’t more common in day to day life.

3. Your feelings get hurt for no real reason.

Your friend cancels plans or doesn’t seem into the conversation; you know that little feeling you get. All you want to do is love and be loved. Is that too much to ask? You know that it is unreasonable but you feel a little put off anyway. Not the most flattering quality of this personality type. 

4. You over-react 90% of the time.

You aren’t looking for attention or being a drama queen. The initial thought about a problem or feeling is to have a huge unloading session where you talk about everything and every way the situation could go down, most likely loudly–with hand motions. You are proabably going to cry and will feel silly for it later. 


5. You forgive easily and genuinely. 

As mention in the above point you externally process everything at once. Which is probably insane to your friends and family. You get it all out so you can begin the healing process immediately. When someone apologizes of course you forgive and forget. You want to love and to be loved. To you it is just that simple. 

6. Heartbreak seems ever lasting

Unlike most other problems, heartbreak isn’t a talk it out and fix it ordeal. You have a big heart, you loved harder and stronger. It makes the ending of a love all the more difficult to handle. You question everything you ever did for that person for months, or even years. You tried so hard, right? It is hard for us to understand that others love differently and not everyone loves with their whole heart and soul. Its ok though. It gets better. We have loves as special or more special than that one significant other you had. You have your family biological or otherwise. Do not forget that.


7. Making people happy is the reason why God gave you air to breath.

Are you guilty of going out of your way to try and help someone just to see the smile on their face? You love giving gifts and pick-me-up pep talks to all those down and out for the day. You need to make people laugh and smile. I know I do. Making people’s day better is a life source. Look at that little cutie, does that not just make your day? 




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