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64 Things to Do in Milledgeville!

If you’re like me, sometimes you find yourself wondering what the heck you’re going to do in a town where it seems like every interesting thing is at least 30 minutes away. Well, now you don’t have to. Here is a list of 64 things to do while in Milledgeville, organized by category, especially if you’re staying here for spring break! 



1. Picnic on the island at Lockerly Arboretum 

2. Hammock in trees around campus

3. Walk around the pecan orchard at Central State 

4. Walk/run at the Greenway

5. Hike Bartram State Forest

6. Visit Lake Laurel 

7. Feed the ducks at the Rec. Department 

8. Check out the GC Greenhouse

9. Hike Selma Erwin Nature Trail 

10. Watch the sunset at the Rec. Track

11. Visit the GC Planetarium 



1. Trivia at Marco’s Pizza

2. $2 sushi from Asian Bistro on Tuesdays 

3. Get a Ryal’s Bakery Smiley Cookie

4. Get ice cream at SweeTreats 

5. Sweet and Sour Chicken at Lieu’s Peking

6. Greek Nachos at Metropolis

7. Get coffee or a blender (ice cream and espresso) at Blackbird

8. Barberitos burrito eating contest

9. House Special at El Tequila 



1. Walk the dogs/ play with the cats at the animal shelter or ARF

2. Serve a meal at Cafe Central (a weekly soup kitchen) 

3. Check out the Give Center on campus

4. Donate blood

5. Foster puppies from Have a Heart Save a Life

6. Hangout with kids at the Boys and Girls Club



1. Play basketball at the Pit 

2. Check out the Swing Dance Club

3. Have a bonfire

4. Go bowling at the Baldwin Bowling Center

5. Go skating at Fun Factory/Rocket’s Roller Rink 

6. Throw a frisbee on Front Campus

7. Host a ping pong tournament at The Den 

8. Take a fitness class at the WRC

9. Play frisbee golf at West Campus 

10. Join an intramural team

11. Run a 5k

12. Swim or rock climb at the WRC



1. Tour the Old Governor’s Mansion

2. Read all of the Sidewalk Plaques downtown

3. Visit the Old Capital Museum

4. Find Oldest Grave in Memory Hill

5. Take a Trolley Tour

6. Check out the Natural History Museum at GC

7. Visit Andalusia

8. Visit the Central State Museum 

9. Visit the Veterans’ Museum 


Music and Art

1. Participate in a Wellness Art Timeout session

2. Go to a play, concert, or event on campus

3. Visit GC’s art gallery

4. Live music and poetry at Blackbird

5. Paint a canvas

6. Draw self portraits 

7. Take a class at Allied Arts

8. See a band downtown 



1. Get fresh food at the Farmers Markets 

2. Tie Dye a shirt

3. Pass out candy to the people in the library and wish them luck on their tests 

4. Redbox movie night



1. Check out a movie from the library 

2. Play cards and games at The Den

3. Dress up and have a photo shoot

4. Go to UGame? on Thursday nights

5. Check out a Campus Ministry 

Sarah Dumas is a Rhetoric major with a Philosophy minor at Georgia College. Starstruck by the city life, she hopes to dwell in a New York City loft sipping coffee over case files from her law firm while also eating a croissant her newfound bakery created. Sarah loves to travel, having been to 19 countries thus far, and in her free time enjoys painting. 
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