5 Ways to Break the Mid-Semester Slump

Well collegiates, we have hit the middle of the semester. Halloween and midterms have passed and Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. That being said, many collegiates experience the mid-semester slump. Here are five ways to get you back on your feet!

1)      Redecorate your desk space!

You spend a lot of time here, so why not rejuvenate it? There are plenty of awesome DIYs on Pinterest that can completely change your space. Once you are no longer bored of your work space, you will find the energy to refocus on school!

2)      Revamp your wardrobe!

Even through you may be broke, there are still ways you can revamp your wardrobe. Use the app Vinted or www.vinted.com to sell your old clothes and find some new treasures. Once you get rid of old clothes and have new things to wear, you will feel like a whole new person!

3)      Get inspired!

Feeling down? Get some inspiration through art, quotes, and reading. This can be achieved with a quick scroll through Pinterest or Tumblr or by trying something new. To get out of a slump, you need to aspire to do more. Find something that makes you happy again!

4)      Have some fun!

Have you been spending all day in your room? Get out of your room and go to a movie with friends, or have a Sonic run! Your school work is important, but your social life keeps you from going insane. Your friends can give you a new view on your life which can help you move forward.

5)      Change up your routine!

If you have the same routine every day, it can be helpful to change things up a bit. If you eat lunch in the same place every day, eat somewhere new! Try doing your homework in the morning instead of at night. Try anything to change your routine! It can help you get out of this rut!

Good luck collegiates! Break out of the slump!