5 More Ways to Procrastinate

Finals are coming up, and you know what that means... Time to find anything to do other than studying or writing those last papers.

Here are a few ideas to help pass the time, putting off your responsibilities. 

1. Find a new game on the App Store

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Preferably one you used to play a lot in middle school like Temple Run. I'd also suggest Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Wordscapes, and I Love Hues. 

2. Watch the entirety of Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party

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The characters are all historical figures, so it counts as education. Start here with the trailer! 

3. Organize all the photos on your computer

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If you take as many pictures as I do, you will get to the point where studying seems better than continuing to put pictures in little folders. 

4. Make a study playlist

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Making a study playlist has all the illusions of preparing to study with the absolute lowest amount of intention for follow through! And the good news is that when you eventually get around to studying, you'll already have the perfect playlist. 

5. Follow a Youtube tutorial

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You only live once, and now is the perfect time to bedazzle your entire face, journey to polish mountain, or even mix all your lipsticks together to form a newer, bolder franken-lip. NO, THIS ISN'T A WASTE OF TIME. THIS IS IMPORTANT. 

Or you could always just... study? There'll be time to do all this stuff after you get killer grades. 

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Good luck!