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5 Holiday Specials You Can’t Miss This Season

Each holiday season, watching the seasonal and festive episodes of our favorite shows always puts us in the spirit. Here are some holiday-themed episodes that you all will love and enjoy watching over winter break!

1. “Fanilow,” Will and Grace

In this episode, Will makes Grace wait in line for tickets to a Barry Manilow concert. Meanwhile, Grace gets upset that her mother chose to spend her Hannukah with Jack instead of Grace.

2. “Christmas Party,” The Office

The first of many holiday episodes of The Office, this episode involves a huge quarrel over Michael’s “Secret Santa” game at the Christmas party.

3. “Citizen Knope,” Parks and Recreation

While Leslie is suspended from the Parks Department, her coworkers create a heartfelt gingerbread replica of their office as her gift.

4. “How Lily Stole Christmas,” How I Met Your Mother

Ted is super excited for the holidays – until Lily discovers that Ted called her a Grinch while she and Marshall were broken up. 

5. “Christmas Who?,” Spongebob Squarepants

Everyone loves Spongebob… and this one is just an absolute classic.

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