The 30 Best Christmas Tunes

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is the perfect time to break out your favorite Christmas tunes! In this playlist, I have covered all the classics along with updated spins on your favorite songs. There is also a few more alternative tracks for those tired of listening to the same old songs. 

Here are a few song descriptions from the playlist:

"Maybe This Christmas" by For All Those Sleeping

This tune is a little edgier than most Christmas songs. This song involves a guy wishing to reunite with his ex-girlfriend this Christmas season. However, if she refuses him and stays with her new boyfriend he'll "have to make another wish instead; I hope you both drop dead." This song is selected for the single gals tired of all the sappy songs of the season who may be a little bitter seeing their ex in cute holiday pictures. 

"Santa Tell Me" by Ariana Grande 

Most of us know the feeling of having a significant other during the holiday season and then watching them disappear after the new year. Ariana sings what all of us have been thinking over the years. So please Santa, "don't make me fall in love again if he won't be here next year."  This song is for the girls who wear their heart on their sleeves and fall in love every year. Take a breather this year before you lock lips with that cutie you've known for five minutes. 

"Happy Christmas (War is Over)" by Maroon 5

This cover of John Lennon's Christmas classic still has the same effect as the orginal. Adam Levine sweetly sings about everyone having a a happy Christmas no matter who you are. Because this Christmas is "for black and for white" and "the yellow and red ones." While war may not be over at this time, it's a great reminder that Christmas is for everyone and that we can all have happy holidays if we are tolerant of each other. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of the 30 Christmas tunes. Go make a cup of hot cocoa, play a loop fireplace clip from Youtube, and dream of a white Christmas while listening to great music.