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3 Ways to Spring Into Action

The week is almost upon us. Yes, you guessed it right SPRING BREAK, or as the kids say SPRANG BREAK. When most students are probably thinking about around this time is “where should I go for spring break?”, “am I spring break ready”, “what if my spring break trip isn’t as cool as my friends”. Well, have no fear, because your spring break can be worth so much more that just hanging at the beach or going home, you can make it what you want to. So many spring breaks have I wasted going home, and thinking that just because I am at home, that means that I should just do nothing. No, it means the complete opposite in fact. You are given basically one full break during the spring semester, and although it can be spent hanging out with friend at the beach or taking a break from school, that doesn’t mean that you must take a complete break. Now is the chance for you to play catch up with yourself, reorganize your life, and get back on top of things.


Evaluate Your Year So Far

This is the time for you to check up on yourself. If you made goals at the beginning of the year, this is your quarterly checkup. If you are not making the progress that you thought you would by now, now is the time to try and adjust so that you can reach the goals of your year.


Cleanse Everything

By cleansing everything, you should be getting rid of items you no longer need, maybe making yourself healthier by going on a cleanse, and possibly revaluating the people you had out with. You have three-quarters of the year left; do you want to continue through it feeling “unclean”.


Plan. Plan. Plan.

Planning isn’t something that you should always do, because life is ever changing, but you could make abstract plans to help shape where you want to go. This goes along with the goal of revaluating your year as well.



I hope that while you are enjoying your spring break, you at least try to think about these things and somehow, if you want, incorporate them into if not your break, but the rest of your spring.

Have a wonderful spring break Bobcats! 

Mariah is a senior psychology major, who has aspirations to work in the library science field. She enjoys listening to music and making playlists, playing board games, and crafting. She enjoys writing for Her Campus because it gives her the chance to share unconventional articles that would otherwise not be published, while at the same time promoting female empowerment.
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