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2017 Homecoming Concert Review

Last weekend, Georgia College held its annual homecoming concert, which is always a blast. This year's lineup included Family and Friends, Hoodie Allen and the X Ambassadors. These three artists differ greatly from those who played this gig in recent years, and everyone seemed to enjoy the shift of genres with this show. 

First to the homecoming stage were Family and Friends, an indie-folk-rock band based out of Athens, Georgia. A few of its seven memebers are actually GC alumni, so they were very happy to be back at their former college. Family and Friends put the crowd into a good mood with their tunes that you could jam to, but were also calm and soothing. The crowd's positive response to their presence surely was a warm welcome-back.


Next on the lineup was Hoodie Allen, a Jewish rapper from Long Island, New York. Hoodie brought the energy with his positive mood and his effort to get the crowd involved. Everyone was jumping, dancing and singing along to his upbeat raps with clever lyrics. As if that wasn't entertaining enough, Hoodie freestyled a rap about GC, mentioning our ever-present water crisis, SNAP, the Golden Pantry, and even shouting out President Dr. Dorman. Thanks for doing your research, Hoodie!


Finally, the X Ambassadors finished out the concert and blew everyone away. They opened with "Jungle," making the crowd go wild with excitement. Closer to the end of their set, they gave a speech on how everyone should feel loved and accepted for who they are, and followed it up with "Renegades." To close out this amazing show, they played "Unsteady," of course. Concert attendees were so impressed with the X Ambassadors' talent 


This year's homecoming concert had three amazing bands with talent that exceeded the expectations of all Georgia College students. It will be hard to top this specacle show, but we cannot wait to see what's in store for next year.


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