20 Things Better Than a Boyfriend

Incase you are feeling like you want, or God forbid, need a boyfriend in college, here are 20 things that are so much better than that. 

(Not in any specific order, just all great things similar to when the waiter/waitress brings out your food). 

1. Your mom

No, not a joke-- just the truth.

2. Kylie Jenner Lip Kits 

Perfect lips are a real thing. Believe it. 

3. Margaritas 

Because it's almost summer and... never mind. It doesn't have to be a certain time of year. 

4. Acing a test that you worked really hard studying for [[for yourself]]

5. Naps 

There's actually nothing better. 

6. Doing whatever you want

Whenever you want. 

7. Your friends

8. Your family

9. Shoes


10. Exercise  

11. The sunshine OUTSIDE. And the rain, sometimes 

12. Heart-to-heart convos with your favorite professor

And finding out you have everything in common. 

13. Your little sister's face when she loses a tooth


14. Your pet (preferably a cat, but dogs are pretty cute too)

15. Helping other people

16. Self confidence

17. Walking home in the rain with your best friends 

18. Giving gifts 

19. Casey Neistat 

He's a YouTube-er who makes daily vlogs. Seriously he will make you so happy. Go look him up. 

20. Loving who you are