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10 Useless, But Fun Buzzfeed Quizzes to Take While Procrastinating

We are officially well on our way through Fall semester 2017. This means that assignments have started to roll in and readings are piling up, and while those aren’t going to do themselves, we all procrastinate, just a little. So, in an effort to help distract you from the calculus equations or the bio lab report or the reading response, I’ve collected some Buzzfeed quizzes – because what’s better than being forced to make choices that have no actual consequence.


1. “Go Halloween Costume Shopping at Party City and We’ll Tell You What Britney Spears Album You Are”


2. “Create a Vision Board and We’ll Reveal the Flavor of Your “


3. “Create Your Perfect Fall Day and We’ll Reveal in What “


4. “Which Rom-Com Stud is Your Soulmate?”


5. “What  European City Do You Belong In Based on Your Food Preferences?”


6. “Buy Some Stuff From Urban Outfitters and We’ll Reveal Your Hipster Name”


7. “Plan a Wedding and Reveal the 1920’s Name You Should Give Your Child”


8. “Plan a Well-Deserved Vacay and We’ll Give You a Rom-Com to Watch Tonight”


9. “Want to Know What Kind of Mom You’ll Be?”


10. “Buy Five Pairs of Shoes and We’ll Tell You What Kind of Car You Should Drive”




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