What You Should be Putting in Your Air Fryer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably heard about the famous air fryer. It’s basically a tiny convection oven that blows around hot air to cook up crispy, delicious food without all the oil of deep frying.


So, if you’re hearing healthier French fries, you would be correct. But there is so much more you can do with it, especially as a busy college student, so I’m going to break down what you should be popping into your air fryer!


First, let me tell you about the love of my life (sorry to my boyfriend). I got the GoWise 5.8-quart digital air fryer last year as a 21st birthday present from my parents and it is hands down my favorite possession. (Also, for reference, I tend to put almost everything into my air fryer at ~370-400 degrees and just check it every so often but I will use recipes with specific temperatures/times sometimes too!)


  1. Frozen Vegetables

Grab your favorite veggie in frozen form and toss it in some olive oil and seasonings (my go-tos are salt, pepper, garlic powder and crushed red pepper) and then throw it in the air fryer and make sure to shake halfway through! I’ve done broccoli, baby carrots, cauliflower, peppers, zucchini and more! It gets perfectly crispy and pairs really nicely with some balsamic glaze or some ranch. Some fresh vegetables also work well- kale chips are a fan favorite!


  1. Potatoes

Potatoes are easily my favorite thing to cook in the air fryer. Of course, frozen French fries and tater tots are a super easy and yummy snack. But my go-to are roasted potatoes– just chop your potatoes into 1-1.5 inch pieces, toss in olive oil and lots of seasoning and then toss into the air fryer and shake halfway through. They’re such a good side dish– approved by my family for Thanksgiving this year! I also love doing a quick baked potato– just stab a potato with a fork a few times and then rub the skin in olive oil before popping it into the air fryer. So easy and delicious! You can even do homemade potato chips!


  1. Chicken/fish

I was scared to try cooking meat in the air fryer, but I was seriously impressed with the results. I’ve marinated chicken breasts and tenderloins, fish and shrimp and cooked it in the air fryer on top of some parchment paper and it's such an easy way to get some protein into my meals. I sometimes also marinate the meat ahead of time and put it in the fridge to air fry it up fresh for my meals when I need them. (P.S. for my plant-based eaters, tofu in the air fryer is a thumbs-up too!)


  1. Personal pizza

Grab a pre-made flatbread, naan or pita bread and spread some pizza sauce, your favorite shredded cheese and toppings. I love adding grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions, jalapenos and spinach. Then, pop it in the air fryer to bake and out comes a delicious pizza that is the perfect size for one person.


  1. Any frozen food

Anything from taquitos to spring rolls to pizza rolls can be made in the air fryer quicker and more efficiently than in the oven or microwave. I honestly just put in most things at 400 degrees and then check it every so often to see when it’s done and it works like a charm! I highly recommend grabbing some huge bags of frozen snacks at Costco for an easy snack on a busy day of classes or exams.


  1. Bread

In my current apartment, we actually don’t have a toaster but no worries because the air fryer literally does it all! I air fry toast, bagels, croissants and even waffles and they all turn out so crispy and perfect. Add some avocado or a fried egg on top and some fresh fruit on the side and that’s a hassle-free breakfast or brunch.