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During quarantine I gained about 10-15 pounds and I could see how it was changing my body. I saw the most change in my thighs and my stomach. I wanted to lose the weight in my stomach but I didn’t want to work out and didn’t want to change how I was eating. I had heard from a few of my friends that waist trainers worked really well for weight loss and weight redistribution so I decided to try it out. I used my waist trainer for about a month and lost about 5 pounds. I also saw some changes to my stomach overall. 


One of the things I should’ve done is do research on the benefits/ deficits of using a waist trainer before purchasing and wearing one. If I had done research I would’ve learned the positives of wearing a waist trainer, which are that they improve posture, can help smooth out imperfections under clothes, and can stop you from overeating. The downsides are that they can put pressure on certain organs, restrict air flow, can weaken stomach muscles, and can sometimes lead to neck pains. 


Overall, what I’ve noticed is that as long as the waist trainer is used with caution it can be beneficial. There are a lot of deficits but as long as you keep in mind what could happen, the waist trainer could be right for you. 





Mia Roberts

GA Tech '23

My name is Mia, and I am a 3rd year Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I love to read, write, and eat!