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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GA Tech chapter.

As tensions rise regarding different social injustices, there are several organizations and companies showing their alliance to Black people in this country. Although it’s great to have large companies backing a good cause, it’s hard to tell when the support is genuine. They could simply be trying to gain a larger customer base instead of supporting the larger cause. 

During all the riots that happened in the past four months, many companies began advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement. But are corporations truly behind the movement or associating with it so their products don’t get “canceled”? Are companies only supporting Black Lives Matter because they’re afraid to lose their black audience?

Some companies immediately recognized and addressed what has been going on in America and have openly shown their support to the Black community consistently. However, digging on social media showed that some of these same companies had disrespected customers or employees based on race. Only after receiving lots of backlash, especially if celebrities joined in, would these companies put out a vague, general statement.

A good way to tell if these companies are being genuine or not is involvement in their local community and donations to various organizations. For example, companies like Target, Home Depot and others have donated millions of dollars to civil rights groups, bail funds for protesters and created scholarships and educational funds. 

Recently, I have made a point to try and buy from more Black-owned businesses. Thousands of entrepreneurs are starting new businesses every day from clothing and beauty/health and wellness lines to cookbooks and opening restaurants. I highly recommend checking out local businesses and showing support! I believe it’s important to know who you are giving your money to and feel like you are making the right decision of where you spend it. Overall, be aware of the companies that are taking advantage of customers and social justice for monetary gain.

My name is Jamiah Campbell. I am a third year student at Georgia Tech and I am studying Industrial Engineering. I enjoy reading and writing, watching sports and going shopping.