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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GA Tech chapter.

As we head towards the middle of another crazy semester, I’m sure people are wanting a mini-break and time to just get away from the stress that we’re enduring. And although still in a pandemic, there are plenty of ways to have a good time with the girls. I’d personally suggest calling up some friends, catching up with them and spending some quality time.

Since it’s becoming warmer outside and we’re getting all this beautiful sun, do not let it go to waste! One of my favorite things to do is go to brunch or dinner. Everyone loves to eat, so we all go and get dressed up and by the end of it all, we have thousands of pictures. It’s a way to have fun, get out of the house on a nice day or night and even socialize with people outside of your friend group. Getting pampered with a friend is always fun and relaxing and we get to feel even prettier after. I love going to the nail salon with friends or the spa and getting facials or even having our own spa day at home.

Shopping is always an option and with living in Atlanta, there are plenty of places to find stylish clothes and shoes. Little Five Points has a couple of thrift stores that my friends love going to. There are lots of options for low prices and there also places to eat at and just walk around in that area. Another place we like to go to is piedmont park. It has lots of open space and we often have picnics there and enjoy the scenery.

Because I like to cook and sometimes, we all want to stay in, we go over to a friend’s house and make food there. Together we decide what we want and go to the store to get what is needed. From tacos and nachos, to pasta and seafood, we have tried several different dishes. We get to cook together, sit around and talk, watch tv or a movie and play games.

If there is time to really get away and take a small trip, Georgia has another city besides Atlanta that you would enjoy, Savannah. It’s probably one of the best places to go to and I always tell people that they should at least go once. The first time I went, I went with friends and we all loved it down there. Not only do they have shops and food but you can also go to the river street or even the beach. The river street has its famous River Street Sweets where they sell all types of baked goods and sweets including their pecan pralines, which is what they are known for. The strip also has Huey’s, a New Orleans style restaurant that has a gorgeous view of the river and some delicious beignets. I love Savannah because although it’s a relatively large city, it has kept in touch with the historic side and it’s quite beautiful to explore, especially with friends.

My name is Jamiah Campbell. I am a third year student at Georgia Tech and I am studying Industrial Engineering. I enjoy reading and writing, watching sports and going shopping.