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1. StealTheSpotlight StealTheSpolight, or Katie O., is an Australian YouTuber best known for her lookbooks. Her lookbooks stem from a variety of sources such as television shows and different decades, so viewers have a wide range of videos to view from her. Ranging from 90’s inspired lookbooks to television show inspired lookbooks, her versatility will never make you bored when watching her creative videos! 

2. Bestdressed Ashley, aka bestdressed, is a UCLA film graduate with a love for vintage fashion, and has become one of my favorite YouTubers. With her oustanding editing style and her passion for sustainability, often by thrifting her clothes, there’s so much that she has to offer. My favorite quality about her is her authenticity. She is honest about the issues of trying to be sustainable with clothing and Ashley’s personality has made me feel more inclined to research the ethics and sustainability policies within the clothes I put on my body. 

3. TheCurlyFashionista TheCurlyFashionista, or Porsha Renae Hall, is a hair stylist from Ohio. When she was in college, she began to research how to style her natural hair, as opposed to forcing it into buns or hats, which helped her build her confidence. That newfound confidence allowed her to build a YouTube channel, which demonstrates natural hairstyle tutorials and hair care ideas for black women. In her videos, she exudes so much confidence that it instantly drew me to her and rubs off on me; her tutorials are also easy to follow for those finding new ways to style their hair. 

4. AlexandrasGirlyTalk Alexandra is a Colombian YouTuber who focuses on style hacks and beauty hacks. She reminds me of the older sister I wish I had, since most of her style hacks are small changes that can have a big impact on your outward appearance. I also love how she encourages all her viewers to be confident in themselves, whether it’s wearing a certain shade of lipstick or wearing that special work outfit. 

YouTube is great for anyone trying to revamp their look, so definitely take a deep dive into some of these channels!

Mofi Popoola

GA Tech '22

Mofi is a 4th year MSE major from West Georgia. She loves visiting new places, discovering new music, and volunteering around the community.
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