Your Ultimate Guide to Galentine’s Day

February is finally here, Ladies! Instead of crash dieting or stalking your ex’s instagram, put your focus on throwing a bitchin’ Galentine’s day bash that will have all of your boo’d up friends jealous of your feminine freedom! The first thing to nail down when throwing any party, especially a Galentine’s day party, is a color scheme.

For convenience sake, sticking to pinks and reds will give you endless décor options (don’t believe me? Have you walked into a CVS lately? I rest my case). Sticking to classic Valentine’s themed decorations is always a great option, but you can really use any theme/décor that tickles your fancy. Click here for some AH-MAZING holographic party inspo.

Next thing on the Galentine’s agenda is cultivating a titillating roster of party games and activities. Now, you can keep these games simple like some good ole poker or go fish! But I personally feel that this fabulous holiday is a perfect excuse to whip out the quirkier party games.

Cards against humanity (the naughty package, duh). What Do You Meme? Or even some fun drinking games that involve some of your favorite girly movies like The Notebook or Alien vs. Predator.

Don’t forget to set up a bad ass photo wall so you and your ladies can keep your feeds lookin’ right and tight while scrolling past all of the sappy couples’ posts. This is where you can get really creative with wall/door streamers, balloons, and photo props. While most free agents on this day want to avoid social media, I say put your Galentine’s bash on full blast! Let the world know that you have your ladies by your side and living your best life

All joking aside, Galentine’s day is a day for you and your layydayyss! Love them, feed them, treat them right. Keep a lengthy playlist full of girl power bangers on AUX and just relax and unwind with your lady gang. Spread the love and have a happy, slappy Galentine’s Day!