You Can’t Support LGBTQ+ Folks and Chick-fil-a

Recently, Chick-fil-A opened its first franchise in England. However, barely a week after its initial opening in Reading, England, they announced that they won’t be renewing their lease with the Oracle shopping center. This decision came after the restaurant was met with several protests. 

Chick-fil-A is notoriously anti-LGBT and anti-same-sex marriage. The head of their company famously stated that Chick-fil-A supports the biblical definition of marriage. They are also known to donate to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes amongst other anti-LGBT organizations. Despite this, they are still the 5th largest fast food restaurant in the United States and are expected to make over $10 billion this year, despite ever being open on a Sunday. 

They continue to be profitable because people continue to eat there. People who are in the LGBTQ+ community continue to eat there and so do their allies. I am continually hearing people saying, “I know their anti-LGBT, but their chicken is sooo good” or “I hate their policy, but I love their chicken more”.  Literally, there are other places to get chicken, people. Chick-fil-A chicken doesn’t taste so good that supporting hate groups is okay. No amount of peanut oil will cover-up their bigotry and continuing to purchase food from them only condones and fuels their actions. 

Going into a random Chick-fil-A in full pride gear doesn’t do anything either.  If you really think that waltzing to a Chick-fil-A covered in rainbows is going to topple their fast food empire, you’ve got a big storm coming. The employees doen’t give a sh*t about your weak attempt to protest. They don’t have control over where the company as a whole donates. They’re working there because they need a job and Chick-fil-A pays its employees well. Making a scene for the employees does nothing. Especially if you still buy their food. Chick-fil-A will take your money no matter how gay it is. Money is money to them. 

The only way to actually protest Chick-fil-A is to stop eating there. If it’s really too hard for you to give up eating at Chick-fil-A that much, you really ought to reevaluate your life.