Warby Parker: Find the Perfect Glasses for You

Finding the right glasses frame for your face can be a tricky process. Often, specific frames look best on certain facial structures so finding the perfect pair of glasses can be more complicated than simply choosing your favorites.

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The company Warby Parker has eliminated this issue by allowing customers to order five different frames to their homes to try on. Online, countless different styles and colors can be found, making it easy to find a pair perfect for your style.

After trying on and determining which pair of glasses are favored, customers send them back to the company, who then sends the glasses back with the prescription filled. This style of home delivery service is growing in popularity and allows for customers to try out multiple different styles of glasses at ease and in the comfort of their own home.

In addition to the convenience of the product being delivered to your doorstep, Warby Parker provides an online survey to help individuals determine the glasses shape that will be most flattering to them. The quiz asks about face shape, preferred glasses shapes and colors, and preferred material. This is another highly useful tool provided by Warby Parker to make the glasses buying process as simple as possible.

Warby Parker also works to provide glasses to low income individuals, specifically children, who would not be able to obtain eye-care on their own. In 2015, the company created the Pupil Project to provide free eye exams, vision screenings, and glasses to school children. The program aims to assist children in classroom settings, where vision issues are usually first detected in children. This program has aided children all over the world from the United States to Sri Lanka.

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If you need new glasses frames or prescription sunglasses you should really consider checking out Warby Parker. There are countless options to choose from. It’s also really fun and easy way to get a pair you are really excited about.