Trend Alert: Hair Accessories

As I swiped through street style photography from fashion month I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of show goers chose to accessorize their hair as well as their outfits. I saw tons of statement barrettes, padded headbands, as well as scarves and ribbons tied into the hair. These details elevated many of the looks and created a point of interest that is separate, yet still very much a part of the outfit.

This inspired me to get creative with the hair accessories I had lying around and even buy a few new ones to try out. Hair accessories are a really affordable way to accessorize rather than spending money on more expensive accessories like statement jewelry. Here are a few of the hair accessories I saw trending in street-style that I decided to try out myself.


Bobby Pin Art

I’m sure most of us have bobby pins on hand for when we want to pin up our hair and leave no sign of the pin itself in the hair style, but this trend does quite the opposite. The purpose of this style is for the bobby pin to be seen. Many arrange the pins in zig-zag patterns, clusters, diagonally, and are sure to use a good number of pins as to make the pattern look intentional. Another plus to this hairstyle is that bobby pins are so easily accessible, if you don’t already have some lying around a quick trip to the drugstore can provide you with all the tools you need to achieve this look.


(Photo Courtesy of Gabi Morello)

Beaded Barrettes

These barrettes are so pretty and add something extra to just about any hairstyle. They are simple enough to wear with ease but can tie a look together with their charm. I think the key is to stack them as I did in the photo, one barrette is nothing new but by adding others alongside it creates a much more interesting look. Surprisingly, I found some of my favorite barrettes came from stores like Ann Taylor and The Loft.


Satin Ribbon

Tying a satin ribbon around the base of the ponytail is a foolproof way to elevate a simple hairstyle. I would stick to a low or mid-pony to avoid achieving cheer-pony status and keeping the look from becoming juvenile. A thick, satin ribbon really adds a chic, put-together vibe to an everyday hairstyle like the ponytail. The best part is, you can buy a spool of ribbon from the craft section in just about any store.


(Photo Courtesy of Gabi Morello)


Blair Waldorf would be absolutely thrilled to know that her signature headbands are back and trendier than ever. Headbands are having a moment in street-style and have been seen on so many during this past fashion month. The headbands I saw were padded, satin, patterned, studded, and were certainly having a moment. Personally, I find the best headbands to be from Nordstrom.


Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are one of the most versatile hair accessories because it is simply using a scarf for another purpose than to wrap it around our neck. Thinner, longer scarves make excellent headbands when wrapped around the head. Smaller, handkerchief sized scarves are better used to tie around ponytails and half-up styles. Whatever you choose to do with your scarves, it will be sure to add a vintage feel to an otherwise simple look. I personally find the best scarves to be thrifted, so I advise you to search through your local thrift store before looking anywhere else.


(Photo Courtesy of Gabi Morello)

Jumbo Barrettes

This recent trend is taking 90s metal snap clips to another level by sizing them up. These jumbo hair clips are a fun take on the hair accessory we all gravitated towards as kids. Statement hair clips can be added to practically any hair style and if you tend to keep your hair down, they add a fun touch without you having to compromise your preferred style. What’s even better is that you can purchase these in the hair aisle at the drugstore!


Hair Jewelry

Adding chains, hoops, and charms to locs, box braids, or similar styles is nothing new. But with the recent emphasis on hair accessories, there is no better time to amplify this trend. Hair jewelry adds such a luxe look to so many styles. You can even coordinate the color or metal tone of your hair jewelry to your actual jewelry to make even more of an impact with your accessories. There are some really beautiful, handmade charms and jewels available on Etsy.


(Photo Courtesy of Gabi Morello)


Scrunchies have been back for a while now but are still a great way to spice up your hair game. Adding a scrunchie to a half-up style or a ponytail is another super easy way to bring attention to the hair. Scrunchies are also a very fun alternative to the traditional black hair tie that so many of us have become accustomed to using. The colors, patterns, and materials of these hair accessories are endless and so fun to wear. A great place to shop for scrunchies is Free People, they almost always have their 3 for $12 deal going on.


Whether you’re one to follow trends or not, incorporating hair accessories into your look can be a way to try something new with your hair which in turn can elevate your entire outfit. No matter what hair type you have or how you usually style it, there is a hair accessory out there that will work for you. I encourage you to try out some of these trends and have some fun with your hair!