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Survival Tips to Get You Through Finals Week

Finals week can be rough; it’s mentally and physically draining. It’s especially difficult to push through when you know that winter break is right there behind it. Not to mention, it seems to be the time of year when the Furman Flu strikes with a vengeance. So, here are my top tips to keep you alive through this hell week. 

#1 Sleep 

I know, I know. Who do I think I’m kidding, right? But seriously, prioritize your health. Your body needs sleep to function. You are not a robot and if you're not getting enough sleep you are definitely not going to perform your best. Besides, your sleeping brain reviews the information you went over when you were awake and helps to cement it in your memory. So, sleeping actually helps you study better! It may seem hard but try to sleep as much as possible and know that it will help you do better in the long run. 

#2 Take Breaks

The human brain can only stay focused on one thing for around twenty minutes, that's just human biology. So, beating yourself up for getting sidetracked is really just beating yourself up for being human. Instead of trying to force yourself to study for hours on end, and inevitably failing, try giving yourself scheduled breaks. Study for twenty minutes, then reward yourself with a smoothie or a quick stretch before you get back to it. 

#3 Change of Scenery 

Studying in the same rooms or places can feel stifling, it can also kill your motivation. So, try changing it up. If you can get off campus, find a good coffee shop to study at. Or, just try studying in a building you haven't before, it can make a huge difference. 

#4 Create a study plan

Staring at a list of everything you need to get done is daunting beyond belief. Instead, break your to-do list into realistic blocks of time. Giving yourself a schedule can ease a lot of stress and it makes everything seem much more doable. 

#5 Motivate Your Friends

It can be easy to get caught up in your own stress. However, everyone around you is also stressed out. Grabbing your friend a cup of coffee or sending them a motivational text doesn't just help them, it can also brighten your mood and increases your motivation. United we conquer!

Finals week is hard, but you know that you'll get through it. You're capable of whatever you set your mind to. And just know, no matter how stressed you are now, it will be over soon. Good luck, you're going to kill it!