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So You Think You Found a Roommate

Navigating the rough waters of female friendship is hard enough, let alone trying to find a suitable roommate. Existing friend groups and social circles influence who we decide to live with in college, but I encourage you to look past social groups and really look at what makes living partners compatible.


Maybe avoid living with your BFF

Just because you have the best time ever with your bff doesn’t mean that you automatically make compatible living mates. The daily grind of making sure the apartment is clean, or that one of you is going to clean the toilet over the other can put unnecessary stress on a great friendship. In my humble opinion, you wanna leave your best friend as the person you got to to bitch about your roommates to.


Take a look into their current living situation

If you like keeping your space neat and tidy, make sure that your potential roomie doesn't live in a pigsty. If you are starting to get a roomie crush on a lovely lady, take a casual trip back to their place. If you walk in and get smacked with a wall of Totino’s Pizza Roll and BO stench, run. Taking a peek at how their place looks when they don't have time to prepare for company will give you insight into how they treat their space on a day-to-day basis.


Schedules are key

You might not be able to see a potential roomie’s google calendar, but you can ask her the right questions. What time of day do you like to shower? Do you like having the TV on while chilling in the apartment? Are you a heavy sleeper? All of these things seem insignificant on their own, but if you two don’t align on them, it can make apartment life unbearable.


Chores are a thing--Don’t ignore them

Bring up who would (hypothetically) execute each chore around the apartment well before you start shacking up with this chick. You’ll thank me when you don’t have to awkwardly confront your roomie and demand she do the mound of dishes that has been fermenting in the sink all week.


While spring semester is an exciting time (Spring break WOOHOOO) it can also bring stress with looming housing decisions on the horizon. Just take a deep breath and really consider your options to ensure that apartment living is as litty as your titties!