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Safe Activities for this Halloween

I hope we can all agree that a huge Halloween rager is not the move this year. I know we would all love to spend this Halloween in our best costumes downtown or in a sweaty fraternity basement, but this just is not our reality right now. Therefore, I have compiled a list of safe activities that you can do this Halloween! 

1. Scary Movie Marathon with Your Roomies

Don’t just make it like any movie night. Grab the popcorn, candy, and your favorite cozy blankets. Make the movie night a little more eventful by dressing up as your favorite scary movie characters! For all the horror fans, try watching The Autopsy of Jane Doe or Silence of the Lambs on Netflix! If you’re more of a kids Halloween movie fan like me, try Casper or Netflix’s new Hubie Halloween

2. Carving Pumpkins

Try a socially distanced pumpkin carving event! Grab some blankets, a speaker for music, and claim your carving station outside. Try checking out this website for some inspiration! Don’t forget to roast the pumpkin seeds!

3. Set Up A Candy Hunt In Your Apartment

I know hiding candy seems questionable, but hear me out. Envision an easter egg hunt, but make it Halloween. I am sure the mom friend in your friend group would be thrilled to lead this. You can use mini candy holders from Amazon or even orange Easter eggs. Next, your mom friend will fill them with candy and hide them across your apartment! Happy candy hunting! 

4. Creepy Cooking Contest

The goal: make the scariest looking food, but make it taste great. Give your dish the nastiest name you can think of. I think you’ll need plenty of red food coloring and edible fake blood for this activity. You can easily bring these tasty treats to your scary movie marathon. Check out this website for some inspiration! 

Happy Halloween! Stay safe!

Sarah Briere

Furman '22

Sarah Briere is a junior at Furman studying Psychology. In addition to being a writer for HerCampus, she is the Merchandise Chair for Alpha Delta Pi sorority. In her free time, she enjoys painting, doing makeup, and dancing. After college, she hopes to help women be the best version of themselves as a Clinical Psychologist.
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