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Review of Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood Palette

Last week I received a bright pink box in the mail and I knew exactly what it was: Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood Palette. The shipping was so fast that I got the package 5 days after I ordered it! There was so much hype on the internet about this palette, I was seeing it everywhere. I couldn’t wait to dive in and see what it was all about.

(Photo Courtesy of Abigail Chamblee)

My eyes were immediately drawn to the color Blue Monday, so I did my first look based on that color. It turned out incredible, and it was super easy to do. The colors that I used were extremely pigmented; probably the best bright eyeshadows I have ever used!

(Photo Courtesy of Abigail Chamblee)

Next, I tried out the greens in the palette. They performed just as well as the blues! The shiny green color on my lid, Entitled, did have some fallout. Looking past the fallout, the look turned out super vibrant and fun. 

(Photo Courtesy of Abigail Chamblee)

This look is giving me Night King vibes from Game of Thrones! I love this frosty dark blue color called Ice Tray. I’ve never seen an eyeshadow this color, and I’m living for it. I love that Jeffree Star’s products are not your ordinary color schemes, so it forces you to get creative. 

(Photo Courtesy of Abigail Chamblee)

This look made me really fall in love with the palette. I layered two shades to get this icy blue look, and I’m obsessed with it. Most pastel eyeshadows tend to lose pigment and are chalky. That definitely isn't the case when it comes to this one! 

(Photo Courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

As you could probably guess, I love this palette. Even though it is $52, you get incredible packaging and high-quality eyeshadows. This is definitely making its way up my list of favorite palettes.

Blue can be a scary color at first if you are a neutral eyeshadow lover. But, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, this is a super fun palette to get creative with. You can make so many different looks with the color scheme and I’m so excited to play with it more. 



Hannah Tyson is a junior business administration major and a writer for Her Campus Furman. She is addicted to makeup and hopes to one day work in the cosmetics industry. She started her own beauty blog in 2017 and that’s what lead her to writing for Her Campus Furman! Her favorite dessert is creme brûlée, Kylie Jenner is her idol, she owns exactly 20 eyeshadow palettes, and she has dyed her hair every color from platinum to black to grey!
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