Gone with the Wind

Revelations in Dating: The Forwardness of French Men

If I learned one thing while studying in France, it’s that French men are very forward. If they see someone they like, more often than not, they’ll make their way across the bar to make a move. Of course, not all French men behave this way, but I found it refreshingly different from the way American men approach both flirting and dating. 

I’ve learned that many times, when it comes to American guys, there can be a lot of dancing around the subject when flirting or talking to women. There’s the whole “Hey, put me on with your friend” or “My friend thinks you’re cute” epidemic. And then there’s my personal favorite: the guys who will see you in public and not say hey but then proceed to text you afterwards and say, “Hey, I think I saw you out tonight”. 

(Gif courtesy of Giphy)

Therefore, I find myself yearning for someone to be forward with their feelings, their intentions, and at the very least have the courage to greet me in public. 

Thankfully, during my semester in France, I often found myself out at bars surrounded by men who were not afraid to shoot their shot. It was incredibly refreshing to talk to a man who could look me in the eyes, tell me that he was attracted to me, and then proceed to do something about it. Something that, in my experience, is quite a rare occurrence here in the good ol’ USA.

Of course, not every man who steps up to the plate was a winner, but when the attraction was mutual it saved everyone involved a lot of time by being upfront about our feelings. I understand that not everyone responds well to men being very forward, but in the case that you are, you might want to consider heading to France when planning your next vacation.