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The Perfect Student Discount Website for a Shopping Addict

As college students, we are always looking for a good deal. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for clothes, which can get really expensive really fast. But never fear, you shopaholics, there is a website for you! UNiDAYS is a website that you register for using your student information, and it gives you discounts to great stores!

(Photo Courtesy of UNiDAYS)

The ladies at Her Campus Furman introduced me to UNiDAYS, so I went through the process of creating an account. Luckily, making an account with UNiDAYS is super simple, and takes about two minutes. They have deals that range from clothing brands to makeup to home goods! They also have name brands like Kate Spade, MAC Cosmetics, Adidas, and Levi’s! Most of the discounts are 10%-30% off of your entire purchase.

(Photo courtesy of UNiDAYS)

UNiDAYS makes it so convenient to find deals. You won’t have to go scouring around the internet to find a sketchy coupon code anymore! They also have an app, so whenever your shopping withdrawals start to kick in, you can access your discounts! The website is user friendly, with tabs at the top indicating the type of coupon you’re looking for, like Fashion or Lifestyle. You can then search through more detailed criteria like bags or sneakers to find deals for super dope brands!

My favorite part about UNiDAYS is the makeup discounts. They have discounts on amazing brands that I had no idea used student discounts! These include Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and Too Faced!

Photo courtesy of UNiDAYS MAC

This website is a really good resource for saving money that more college women should utilize. We have to take advantage of student discounts while we can! Hopefully UNiDAYS can be useful to you; happy shopping! 

Hannah Tyson is a junior business administration major and a writer for Her Campus Furman. She is addicted to makeup and hopes to one day work in the cosmetics industry. She started her own beauty blog in 2017 and that’s what lead her to writing for Her Campus Furman! Her favorite dessert is creme brûlée, Kylie Jenner is her idol, she owns exactly 20 eyeshadow palettes, and she has dyed her hair every color from platinum to black to grey!
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