How to Glow Up After Being in a Rut

Instead of talking about being in a rut, today I am here to help you get back on your feet after a tough day, week, month, or let’s be honest… year. With the one-year anniversary of being sent home from Furman is upon us, I know many are feeling overwhelmed with the time that has passed, the time that has been lost. Many are feeling anxious, confused on what the next step is, or just down right sad for reasons one can’t come to identify. 

I’ve been there. Quite frankly, I’m there a lot. But, I want to share some tips of how I get myself to glow up after feeling down and maybe, just maybe, it will help you, too. 

1. Deep clean your room

I always hate when people are like, “Clean room, clean mind, and your anxiety will be gone.” Like, no that is not how it works. A clean room does not fix my anxiety. However, in times of uncertainty, deep cleaning my room gives me control over something, and having an organized room makes me feel at least 5% better about the day. But, it is not just a light clean. Oh no, it starts off with me throwing every item of clothing I have on my bed and sorting through it. Trying on clothes I haven’t worn, throwing out clothes I said would look good when I lost weight, and parting with clothes I know could go to better homes rather than collecting dust in my closet. At the end of this deep clean, you will be less overwhelmed by your wardrobe, and you can hang and fold everything. It sets the tone for the rest of cleaning your room. From washing your sheets, to organizing your junk drawers, you will feel better in the end knowing you will be able to find a clean outfit that you feel confident in. 

2. Find what makes you feel confident & do it.

For me, I feel a lot better when I am wearing a cute outfit with some makeup and my curly locks untangled. To make this happen, some planning has to happen but it is important to do it. Give yourself enough time in the morning to pamper yourself for yourself. Too often, we get lost in the classes we have, the homework we didn’t do, the boy we like. So much that we forget to get lost in and appreciate ourselves. Do more for you, rather than just going through the motions. 

3. Pour into your cup. 

People at Furman tend to feel like they can never be still. I am one of those people. I feel anxious whenever I lay in my bed for a break. But no, do that. Lay in your bed and watch TikTok, journal, watch Disney Plus. Give yourself space to recharge and what a perfect time to do it after you just deep cleaned your room! Although I have been going through it for the past few weeks, tonight my plan is to hang in my room, watch Lilo & Stitch after taking a nice shower. Maybe I’ll throw a little lavender diffuser in there and a 10-minute journal sesh. It takes time to learn how to pour into yourself, but you will feel better after doing it. You deserve it. 

4. Think of people you’ve always wanted to hang out with...and do it. 

I have so many people I have always wanted to get to know...but never do. It’s so silly, we are all human beings and we all crave connection. I took this tip and made sure I asked two new people to hang out this week and so far, it’s been so fun! Whether it’s a meal date at Bread & Bowl or painting canvases at Treehouse, new friends are always fun. People are not as scary as they seem. You will find yourself leaving these hangouts feeling happy and refreshed by a new presence. Trust me! 

5. Above all, go to therapy. 

I truly think everybody could benefit from therapy. It is time to, again, pour into yourself, focus on you and have someone navigate your problems with. It has helped me immensely with dealing with my own issues and has made me a better person, for sure.

In the end, life will be full of ruts and glow ups. If you ever find yourself struggling with something, my DMs (@savannah_hobbie) are always open or you could check out the Paladin Peer Support group started by none other than Sarah Briere (another HerCampus Contributor). Take care of yourself, my friends.