How to ACTUALLY Self Tan

I always love the look of being tan, but sometimes it’s a hassle. I stay away from the tanning bed at all cost and getting a spray tan every week isn't budget friendly. So, I have found the perfect in-home self-tanning process in five easy steps.  


Step 1: Shower, Shave, and Exfoliate(Photo Courtesy of Forever 21)

This first step is crucial. When you shower, you have to shave so that your hair doesn't make the self-tanner uneven. While you are showering, also exfoliate your skin. You can do this with body scrub or a loofah. This get all of your dead skin off and won’t leave any dry patches for yourself tanner to cling to. 


Step 2: Lotion(Photo Courtesy of Walgreens)

Once you have showered and dried off, it's time to put plain lotion on. Only put lotion on places that self-tanner likes to stick to, like your elbows, knees, ankles, and hands. This is the best way to put on an even coat of self-tanner without having it stick to the wrinkles in these spots!


Step 3: Get a Self-Tanning Mousse and Mit(Photo Courtesy of Amazon)

Self-tanning mousse, as opposed to self-tanning lotion, is the easiest way to get an even tan. My favorite tanning mousse is St. Moriz Dark Mousse. It’s only 12 bucks and gives a natural tan that doesn't come across as orange. I also use a tanning mittto make sure I put the mousse on evenly, and without streaks. 


Step 4: Let It Dry and Leave it On

(Photo Courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

Before you put any clothes on, make sure to let the mousse dry. The tan needs time to develop, so make sure you don’t get wet for a few hours. I usually do this process right before bed, so I can leave it on for a few hours before I rinse it off. The longer you leave the tan on, the more it will develop.


Step 5: Rinse off the Residue

(Photo Courtesy of Hannah Tyson)

Then in the morning, I rinse off the product only using water (no soap) and voila! A perfect, even, and natural looking tan. 


These are my five steps to a natural and cheap self-tan! It may seem like a lot, but the results are worth the time you put in.