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Podcasts have been around for a while, but in the past few years podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity. You can now stream them for free on multiple platforms, including SoundCloud and iTunes, or you can even be a podcast host yourself! Anyone with a microphone and computer can make podcasts, and there are a TON of them out there. To narrow down thousands of options, here are five podcasts by women to entertain, inspire, and motivate you to be the girl boss you are!

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1. Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis

This podcast is one of my personal favorites. It’s hosted by Rachel Hollis, a true girl boss in every sense of the word. She has devoted her life to uplifting and empowering other women to be their best selves. She also is considered one of Forbes “Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30,” and is a New York Times best-selling author. In her podcast she interviews inspiring people, including leadership expert John Maxwell and former Vice President Joe Biden. This podcast is for anyone out there looking for self-motivation and tips for self-growth from some insanely inspiring people!

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2. Ratchet and Respectable by Demetria Lucas

Demetria Lucas is an author, journalist, editor, blogger, and life coach. This particular podcast explores relationships, pop culture, and current issues throughout the media including race relations, gender equality, and privilege. Lucas describes her podcast as “the first 15 minutes of Wendy Williams where she gives her take on what’s going on in the world”, while sometimes throwing in her own experiences whether they be “ratchet or respectable” (we can all relate to both). This podcast is for anyone interested in current issues and just wants to listen to someone who is relatable and entertaining

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3. Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham by Ashley Graham

In this podcast, activist and supermodel Ashley Graham delves into meaningful conversations with other prominent girl-bosses like Serena Williams, Amy Schumer, and Kim Kardashian West. Graham and her guests talk all things pop culture, beauty, business, and self-love, and the listener gets an intimate look into the lives of these women and their experiences and opinions of the world. This is a great podcast for anyone who loves having deep conversations and/or just loves learning from amazing women!

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4.  Guy We F****d by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson (Warning: Explicit Content)

Comedy duo from Sorry About Last Night, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, host this hilarious, relatable, and very honest anti slut-shaming podcast. Each week they talk about all things sex and relationships, and even interview a man they have slept with. This podcast tells it like it is while promoting positive sexuality and reminding women not to be ashamed of their sex lives. This is for anyone who loves entertaining hookup stories—trust me, these girls have seen and done it all!

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5.  Naked Beauty by Brooke DeVard

Brooke DeVard is a marketing expert and content creator who started this podcast to discuss all things beauty with women throughout the industry. This podcast explores everything from the KonMari method, to Drugstore Makeup, to optimum amount of times per week you should wash your hair. DeVard has meaningful conversations with her guests about all these topics while promoting every woman’s natural beauty and leading listeners to think about beauty in new ways. This podcast is for any beauty lover who wants to listen to interesting conversations about makeup, hair, and being a girl boss!


All five of these podcasts will inspire you to be the best woman you can be, from your relationships to your beauty routine, while also being entertaining. They are a great way to spice up your walk to class, ride in the car, or time just relaxing at home! I hope you enjoy these awesome podcasts! 

Abigail is a junior Educational Studies major and writer for Her Campus Furman. She has a passion for working with kids and aspires to be a Speech Therapist. Her favorite activities include horseback riding, traveling, going to concerts, and partaking in self-care.
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