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The one thing that is most valuable on this Earth is time. The moment the human body is born, it begins dying- some faster than others, some slower. If you don’t know why you’re here – what your purpose on this Earth is – I encourage you to think about it; what is the meaning of your life?

​Most people go to their graves with their greatness still in them. Have you ever had any ideas, talents, or goals that you didn’t pursue because you thought you couldn’t achieve them? Do you think you’ll do it at a later point because you believe you still have your whole life ahead of you? I encourage you to change that mindset, because you aren’t guaranteed that time. You aren’t guaranteed next year, next week, or even that you’ll live to tomorrow. In November of 2016, my seemingly healthy grandmother suddenly fell extremely ill and was hospitalized. She couldn’t speak or interact with anyone, and I never got to say or do the things I wanted to with her because I thought I would have more time. “She’s only 74,” I would say, “I still have at least 10 more years.” I was wrong.

What if you live your whole life, only to discover that it was wrong?

We’ve all taken time to stop and reflect when we see the news, when we see the awful and amazing things going on in our world, and we think, where is this all leading to? We need to begin thinking about doing something and using the powers we have that so many go through life never even discovering. You don’t have to change the world to make something of your life. You don’t have to become that doctor or lawyer that your parents always told you they wanted you to be. Live life for you. 85% of the American public are going to jobs that they hate – jobs that don’t test their abilities. They walk into work every day knowing that what happens today will be the same thing as yesterday and the day before that, and eventually the thought of even going to work becomes sickening. Before you become a part of that 85%, think about what you want your life to be, what its purpose is, and fulfill that.

What are you giving?

Many people will leave this universe without a trace. No one would know they were ever here. Will anybody know that you were here? What will be changed because you were given this life? It could be that you invented something that changed the world, or it could be that you positively changed one person’s life just by being in it. Whatever it is, DO IT. Think about your passions and opportunities, and you will find your purpose. We are only given one life to live; don’t abuse this opportunity to achieve greatness.

Imagine that you don’t give your life purpose, and imagine being on your deathbed, surrounded by the ghosts of the dreams, talents, and ideas that were given to you but that you for whatever reason never pursued. You never chased those dreams, you never used those ideas, you never showed those gifts. And the question is; if you died today, what dreams, goals, ideas, and gifts would die with you?

Abigail is a sophomore Psychology and Communications double major at Furman. Outside of HerCampus, she is also a member of the Chi Omega sorority, Paladin Peer Support, and Student Alumni Council. Her interests include hiking, thrifting, and listening to music.
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