Breaking Up In Greek Life

Dating in greek life is a natural and expected part of college. The constant mix of sorority women and fraternity brothers inevitably leads to connections. While many married couples reflect on meeting their significant other in Greek life, not every relationship has such a happy ending. Breaks-ups in Greek life are messy regardless of how long or short the relationship was. You are bound to see your ex at a function, homecoming, or on the arm of another member of Greek life. 

Members of Greek life are extremely territorial over their exes. For some reason, Greeks determine that their ex is off limits to every other member of their organization. Though this rule seems senseless, everyone agrees it is wrong to date a sister’s ex. We all know girl code says we cannot date our friends’ exes, but should this rule really apply to sorority sisters? Especially at larger universities, there may be sisters’ names you do not know. We would not put these same love restrictions on women we don’t know outside of our sorority. With a sister you do not know, the only commonality you share is a crest (and maybe your taste in men). Is it fair to write off someone because they may have dated a sister you don’t even know? Do we owe sorority sisters the same girl code that we use with our closest friends? 

There is something to be said about putting our exes on a higher pedestal than our sisters. By being so obsessed with whom our ex is dating, we restrict our own growth. It may be hard to accept, but your ex may be the perfect fit for your sorority sister. Loving your sisters means giving them a shot at love as well. I understand it can be difficult to watch an ex with a sorority sister, but we must remember that possession of exes is not written in the sorority’s bylaws.